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Central water purifier technology economic take-off founder

In a series of environmental protection policies continued to drive, water purifier industry gradually in the market to cut a striking figure, and a strong development momentum, become the support of our country energy-saving environmental protection industry development pillar industry, much domestic and international industry attention. On the quality of life of people growing stage, water purifier filter as the harmful substances in the water professional equipment, is gradually expanding its market share, the prospect of the industry is significant.

As the spiritual needs of the increasingly prominent status in the market, the high-end, personalized, intelligent water purifier has gradually become the main market demand, guiding our country water purification industry development direction. In the country " steady growth, expanding domestic demand " macroscopical strategic initiatives to stimulate, our water purification industry market demand rises considerably, but in the integration of the world economy development trend, our country water purifier industry because of the late start, slow development of industry in the high-end market, industrial structure and other problems with the inability to disperse the international advanced enterprises compete, will have huge market benefits away.

The " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period of strategic opportunities, China water industry in order to rebuild the market dominant position, must optimize industrial structure, stimulate the market main body actively, accelerate development to target market demand oriented innovation technology. Just at that moment, " microcrystalline ultrafiltration " R & D become undoubtedly create our water purification industry economy to fly the core support, power of our country water purification industry is moving towards high-end market.

Microcrystalline ultrafiltration post filter 0.1 micron internationally recognized the filtering precision, in ensuring quality safety and health under the premise of nutritive, healthy water; at the same time, microcrystalline ultrafiltration water purifier the one and only wisdom eye technique, can automatically remind the user of filter cleaning or replacement, but greatly reduces the cost of water purification, but also avoids the blind use invariant or two pollution.

In our country the water purification industry development strategy opportunity period, " microcrystalline ultrafiltration water purifier " as China's high-end market development, will be effective in arousing the enthusiasm of market main body, guide our country water purifier industry innovation and development at the same time, to promote energy conservation environmental protection industry's healthy development.