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Membrane water treatment technology of water treatment to promote the healthy development of the industry

Water treatment equipment is widely used in many areas, in recent years, the world of water treatment equipment in technology has been improved greatly, in the "environmental protection and high-tech " under the banner, water treatment industry, industrial investment environment is good, the market of the future. Water treatment equipment performance, quality and operation of people's livelihood, in the life field, hot water boiler, central air conditioning, heat exchange system needs water processing equipment; in general industrial equipment in the field of refrigeration machine, air pressure, there is a large demand; especially in the consumption of water and food, pharmaceutical, alcohol protection scaling, cleaning, magnetization, sterilization and so need to build an environment friendly model of water supply system. The needs of the market opened trade between technology competition, promote the new membrane water treatment technology popularization and operation.

As the ecological crisis and water demand rising, the concept of environmental protection has become one of the social responsibility of enterprise practice, but also the realization of the enterprise's long-term plan of the social value of the. The development of water treatment technology has a lot of methods, in which the membrane water treatment technology is the most potential, attention, has been the development of make a spurt of progress. Membrane water treatment technologies applied as in seawater desalination project, later technology and gradually applied to industrial, municipal and other all uses of the water treatment process, so that the water treatment cost drops considerably, R & D ability has been improved.

Film of the R & D and manufacturing of high-tech industry, compared with the traditional technology, membrane technology the use of chemical additives to less, higher degree of automation, operation more convenient, but can also, membrane technology with traditional physical, chemical treatment, biological treatment method well combine with each other, the synthesis of the most effective solutions the use of additives, not only reduces the environmental risk, can save the land to make contributions.

Equipment of our country water treatment industry is also facing many problems, especially in our country industrialization and informationization deepening process. Water industry market access mechanism is not perfect, the product quality supervision is not strict, standardization of product development lag, in such a situation, China's water treatment equipment industry should be in the membrane technology R & D Application of existing technology, innovation, continuously consolidate and develop, to stand firmly and fight steadily, open market for green environmental protection, healthy development.