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The "blue sky project” intends to introduce risk investment in science and technology

Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of environmental protection 25 jointly announced " blue sky Technology Engineering " 925 " special plan " put forward, want much channel, mutiple level raise social fund, increase investment to implement the blue sky science and technology project focused on the special, the active use of the financial and capital market, and risk investment is introduced into the field of energy saving and environmental protection; and carry out specialized enterprise loan risk compensation, technology R & D later subsidy, high-tech enterprises equity loans and other pilot job.

The main goal of the project including the basic understanding, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta and other key regional air pollution problems of basic science and control mechanism, the next 5-10 years binding emission reduction and the impact on human health of major pollutant control technology R & D get materiality breakthrough; main pollutant control technology industry innovation is strengthened apparently, drive the environmental technology market contract transaction volume increased 100000000000 yuan, progress of science and technology on the constraint of pollutants emission reduction contribution rate increased by 10%; the regional atmospheric pollution prevention and control technology of integrated innovation ability increases significantly, the advanced and applicable technology transformation is applied to obtain significant progress, to around 10 key areas and large and medium-sized city air pollution prevention and control to provide technical scheme and Practice for the national science and technology demonstration; blue sky resource sharing and service system construction, the establishment of 50 blue sky science and technology innovation base and training base, improve the construction of the national scientific and technological innovation service platform for the blue sky.