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The Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing to strengthen protection of water environment ensure impoundment during stable water quality

With the Three Gorges Project in 2012 175 meters test of water storage in Three Gorges Reservoir area into the sprint stage, increasing pollution prevention efforts, float cleaning and water quality monitoring. The latest monitoring shows, this year during the impounding of water quality in Three Gorges reservoir remains stable, in the reservoir area of the 31 drinking water source water quality fully meet the functional requirements of the waters.

According to the national headquarters of the Three Gorges project deployment, in 2012 175 meters test of the water since early September this year start, end of 10 or in November to storage to 175 meters. During this period, the increase of water environment protection in Chongqing reservoir area, on one hand and improve the sewage treatment facilities and living garbage treatment facilities, a comprehensive investigation on industrial pollution remediation; on the other hand, strengthen reservoir floating matter clean-up work, the area amounts to 300 square kilometer " hydro-fluctuation belt " dragnet-type garbage, and concentrated force the deployment of vessels, personnel to carry out emergency " floating " operation. Environmental protection departments in " Sanjiang " ( the Yangtze River, Jialing River, Wujiang River ), a tributary backwater area of 36, 31 centralized drinking water source to the encryption monitoring.

As of now, the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing " Sanjiang " 20 section of class II, III water were 7, 10; one class affluent backwater area waterⅠ toⅢsection 88.9%. Compared with September, a tributary reservoir backwater area of water in eutrophic section drops 30.5%.